Spending too much on learning & development without generating the desired results?

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Why training is needed for employee and organization productivity?

Dozens of studies over the years have found a direct correlation between employee training and productivity. When employees know their jobs and their strengths are valued and supported, it creates a workplace culture that fosters high performance and greater productivity, according to Gallup. The study found that strengths-based organizations improve employee performance by 8% to 18%.

<h3>Why training is needed for employee and organization productivity? </h3>
<h3>How online training offer better outcomes?</h3>

How online training offer better outcomes?

Employees cannot be relieved from work to attend long term training programs. Since learning and development is an ongoing process, e-learning can allow employees to carry out skill development and upgradation without affecting the day to day work. Benefits include:

- Cost saving
- Measurable outcome
- Continuous & ongoing
- Work not affected

Type of Companies

The industries that have implemented online training programs

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Banking & Insurance


Retail Sector

Telecom & Call Center

Food & Beverage


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