How e-learning solutions can benefit your institute?

Supplement Classroom Learning

- Offer supplementary learning material for students to study after classroom
- Allow students to study at their own pace and convenience
- Eliminate the need for after school coaching

Automate Assessment & Feedback

- Setup system generated and invigilated tests for self assessment
- Eliminate the need of teacher supervision and grading
- Give automated feedback to students and parents

Track & Monitor Learning Outcome

- Track student performance and learning participation history
- Setup individual learning paths for select student groups
- Allow teachers and parents to track learning outcomes

Blended Learning & Flipped Classroom

- Adopt modern teaching methodologies in your institute
- Setup relevant technology system to aid the teaching methods
- Training on modern digital tools for teaching and assessment

Type of Education Institutes




Tuition Academies

Professional Education Centers

Language Centres

Exam Preparation Institutes


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