Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For Educational Institutes

Yes. We offer the option of integration of SIS with LMS but both services need to purchased from Learning Hub. We cannot integrate our LMS to your own existing SIS and similary cannot integrate our SIS with your existing LMS

LMS is a learning management system that totally focuses on managing the learning aspects i.e. like conducting classes, setting up asssignments, reading material and notes, collaborating with students, etc. While SIS focuses on adiministrative side i.e. fee collection, attendance monitoring, scheduling of classes, enrollment process, etc.

For Corporate Entities

Conducting live classes requires the virtual conferencing module like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, etc. These tools can be integrated into the LMS so that all classes are conducted on the LMS but using any one of the tools.

Content security is not offered as a standalone product but packaged with video streaming option. So if you want to purchase only the content security, you will need to purchase streaming with it as well. However you can purchase video streaming as an independent service

For Teachers

As a teacher you need to have either physical or virtual presence to conduct teaching. Since most teacher either teach at school and academies, they are actually working for someone else. This platforms allows them to establish their own teaching entity with virtual presence and reach out to the student base across Pakistan

Yes. We allow the option of custom branded website even for individual teachers as well. However it requires additional recurring monthly charges for custom branding option

Yes. The systems allow you the option to setup a complete virtual academy wherein you can manage the adiministrative right and your team of teachers can be assigned the teaching rights only. This will alo you management all operation indepedently whereas teacher will only have the content management rights of their respective courses