Setup Your Presence for Online Teaching

Setup Your Presence for Online Teaching

As as teacher, you can now establish your online system to reach out to potential student all across Pakistan and internationally

Your own Branded Virtual Academy

Option for Teachers?

As a teacher you can explore multiple options to setup your online teaching business

Sell Online Courses

Offer pre-recorded courses to potential user without worry about your content being pirated and abused by end-users. The type of courses that can be offered can be entry test preparation, language courses, skill development course and mock exams, etc.

Provide Online Tuition

Setup your presence on our platform to provide online tuition to potential students. The system allows you cater to any type of student with all the tools required necessary to offer service all across Pakistan & internationally

Setup Virtual Academy

As a teacher you can partner with other teachers to setup a virtual academy with your own branding. No need to waste money on physical setup and ongoing overheads.


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