Video Content Security

When it comes to protecting your online course videos, there are mixed requirements – some people are concerned about this, and others don’t care who accesses the material. But many LMS owners are concerned about protecting content to make sure it cannot be copied. This is understandable for creators who’ve put a lot of hard work into their courses and don’t want valuable intellectual property being made available publicly online.

There are alot of options out there using which allow content piracy to to be reduced, but the reality is that they dont work in the long run. The most effective system which has seen to generate maximum results is video encytion.

Video encryption is the process of encoding your video so that it can not be accessed by anyone without the encryption key. This stops any unwanted view or even download of the video. This puts a stop to any unwanted view or even download of your videos. The videos are encrypted with the help of encoding software and hardware to protect the video content. When a user tries to access the encrypted video. Pirates will get an encrypted file playing via an online video player on their website or app

Video encryption is a process of digitally hiding your videos to prevent unwanted interception and viewing of the transmitted videos. The process involves encrypting videos using an encoding software and hardware to secure the content. No one can view the encrypted videos without first decoding them.

In an ideal world, eLearning students spread the word about your courses, turning them into new customers. However there is a leakage in this system and it’s called online video piracy: Students are also likely to share content via password sharing and video downloading. We will discuss the measures that you can take to protect your content and deter password and video sharing.

Once digital content gets copied and shared outside of intended distribution channels, it’s only providing a fraction of the value to its creators as it could be. And with digital content, a single unlocked copy can proliferate into satisfying thousands of what would otherwise be paying customers. That’s why it’s so important to protect it. Protecting online content can minimize unauthorized sharing and copying and increase the lifetime value of your creations.

Product Offering

Opt for Video Streaming & Security for Your LMS

Video Encoding

Encode videos into format that is optimum for streaming

Video Encryption

Encrypt the encoded videos using a security protocol

Dynamic Watermarking

Add real time watermark of each user views the videos to prevent screen recording

Secure Streaming

Stream secure videos without the fear of piracy (Video content security cannot be offered without streaming)