Current Job Openings

IT Support Engineer - PHP/Laravel


  1. As an IT Support Engineer, you will be responsible for
  2. Development and Setup of WordPress websites.
  3. Installation, administration and upgradation of WordPress and Moodle plugins.
  4. Maintenance, administration and upgradation of Moodle installations.
  5. Administration of AWS and other cloud infrastructure.
  6. Communication and support with clients.
  7. Communication and support to the sales team.


  1. A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT or Software Engineering (We will consider candidates without degrees also, but you’ll have to convince us you are worth the time)
  2. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS.
  3. Knowledge of PHP, WordPress and Moodle.
  4. Must have experience in WordPress and Moodle.
  5. Knowledge of DevOps and networking concepts will be a huge plus.

Salary range per month: ₨ 60,000 - ₨ 70,000